Bobi Wine has attacked the government for wasting public funds

Yesterday the right honorable speaker of  parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga confirmed the members of parliament that government has approved 64 billion shillings for them to buy luxurious cars and each car costs 150 million shillings where by Uganda has more than 400 members of parliament.

This annoyed the activist Bobi wine and he revealed that if he was in parliament he would have object that suggestion because there are so many problems that Ugandans has such university strikes over their unpaid salaries, rotting schools, unemployment in youth among others. He also said that government is focusing on exploiting Ugandans than developing the country.

He posted on his Facebook page
Okay with the state of our health sector, rotting schools and unpaid striking University staff,parliament has approved over 64billion shs of tax payers money to buy luxury cars for mps each car going for about 150million. What hurts me is that when it gets to such eating bonanzas, there is no opposition or government. That is wrong and if I was in parliament I would strongly OBJECT IT and the reasons are simple; A good land cruiser that costs about 45 million shs would serve a whole five year term and even be donated afterwards possibly as a local ambulance in the constituency.If those cars were acquired through a centralised procurement,am sure they would even cost much less.
I have so many MP friends and every time I meet them, they’re always in big cars coz many of them are high ranking government officials already having govt cars, others already have cars given to them in their previous term/s in parliament while others are successful business men and women. In my opinion,Mps should SERVE and not be SERVED By the voters.I realy think ,MPs should be given double cabin pickup tracks coz they’re durable and effective and if they want any luxury,they should use their own money to buy it (after all even their salary is too high).Like I said,IF I WAS IN PARLIAMENT, i would OBJECT!


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