Big Eye and Sasha Brighton Secretly B0nking again

Big Music entertainment‘s CEO Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye is secretly enjoying New Eagles band songstress Sasha Brighton‘s bean.

Ever since the ‘Airtime‘ singer broke up with his baby mama Sheila Don Zella, he began seeing songstress Sasha Brighton but sources had it that the ‘So lucky’ hit maker had let it go complaining of Big Eye not being good in bed as he is a one minute player.

Unfortunately, its not what the tabloids clarified as the two lover birds are still pushing the game to the greatest good.

Sasha Brighton was snipped by our Blizz moles happily waiting for his man back home from South Africa last Saturday 8th October 2017 and she couldn’t overcome her lust for the days he wasn’t in the country thus sharing a selfie of their catching moment at Entebbe International Airport at his arrival.

How serious? Well, we are told that Big Eye was blaming his ex Don’t Zella of bewitching his fortunes to have another Paradise of love but it seem he must be happy wherever he is no longer suffering in a single life.