Big Eye and Don Zella’s Son in a Critical Condition

A battle broke up about three months ago between Nalongo Sheila Don Zella and her ex fiance Prof Big Eye as they were fighting to own the rights of their son, Brighton, and event though they never agreed, now they need each other more than before because of their son’s health who is seriously sick.

Nalongo Don Zella is anxiously waiting in Winchester Hospital in the northwest suburban in Boston where her only son Brighton is fighting for his life. it is said that Brighton got an asthma attack just a few days ago and he got rushed to the hospital but the situation is still worse with no improvement in his condition which is worsening day by day.

Prof Big Eye has not yet flown to Boston, U.K to see his son but we have been alerted that he is praying so hard to see that his son gets better with God’s Grace.  Meanwhile, Don Zella has a White Party in Dubai scheduled to take place very soon and it is still on though more prayers are needed for the child.

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