Big Eye attacks Gravity Omutujju over Diamond’s performance at the Kampala City Festival, says he is greedy for nothing

Another war of words has sparked of between musicians Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye and Gerosom Wabuyi commonly known as Gravity Omutujju about the recently concluded Kampala city festival with Big Eye lamenting that Gravity Omutujju is considered as an upcoming artiste who has no audacity of shouting over payments of musicians performances.

This follows the ‘Emyaka’ singer’s gruesomely attack on the technical wing of Kampala city council authority for spending tax payer’s money recklessly to the extent of hiring Tanzanian Diamond Platnumz to headline the city carnival who he thought earned beyond his trade an action that was demeaning the integrity of Ugandan local musicians.

Organizers of the event had to switch off Gravity’s microphone on Saturday 7th October 2017 as he blasted the executive director for spending heavily on a foreign artiste to headline a national festivity with a an aim of raising relief to renovate schools with the city that are in a sorry state yet his payments were enough to stabilize the education sector minus this move. Many local musicians backed Gravity on grounds that they were undermined as nationals who didn’t have what it takes to raise the funds thus being paid less as expected.

This didn’t appease Big Eye thus attacking his fellow counterpart Gravity Omutujju as an employed youth who is seeking asylum by fighting for dimes which he hasn’t worked for. Big Eye accuses Gravity for being negative and jealous about Diamond Platinumz show in Uganda for ,being paid a lot of money yet ‘The money’ hit maker hasn’t worked enough to deserve the earnings.

It is alleged that Kampala City council authority paid Diamond Platnumz an amount worth 160million shillings minus accommodation to headline the Kampala festival an amount that Big Eye believes deserved the Tanzanian for his impressive work he has exhibited all over the African continent for the past years compared to his fellow Ugandan artistes. He has advised Gravity to focus on working harder rather than shouting over some one’s success yet his works aren’t worth a penny.

It is alleged Gravity’s furious attack at the city’s technical wing might have landed him in hot soup as he may be denied a chance of performing again at their festivities.