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Besigye Must Go- Andrew Mwenda

The Old Man of the clan Andrew Mwenda has a different solution the opposition can use to bring change in this country- it’s removing Dr. Kizza Besigye from leadership and replacing him with a new leader who can deliver victory to the opposition.

Andrew Mwenda woke up on Tuesday morning posting a long message on Facebook explaining how the opposition need to think twice about the man who has let them down 4 times and all he comes up with are excuses “Our votes are rigged”

“My argument is that M7 is a difficult nut to crack because he is a master strategist and tactician. Besigye is all courage and energy but little strategy. His leadership has been tested for 16 long years and it has not produced the change he has always promised. The opposition need to try a new leader with a new strategy. It is that simple.” Said Mwenda.

The brother to Principle farmer Margaret Muhanga who sold cows and goats to raise 10 Billion said that NRM has no reason to remove Museveni in 2021 since he has been winning all this long and no one would love it chasing a trophy winning coach.

“The NRM has no reason to change M7 because he took them to a struggle and they captured power in five years. He has kept them in power for 30 years. Why change a manager who keeps winning and winning. Besigye has promised change and only delivered M7’s continued rule”

Mwenda continued to explain how Col (rtd) Besigye has been contesting and losing in all the recent elections and complaining how his votes are rigged adding that a leader who cannot protect his supporters votes 4 times in a row does not deserve to be voted again.

“In 2001 Besigye got 28% of the vote and claimed his votes had been stolen and his security compromised. He ran to exile and threatened to launch armed rebellion. Nothing materialized. In 2005 he returned and made the best bid at the presidency getting 38% of the vote. He said his votes had been stolen and threatened a tsunami. Nothing came of it.

“In 2011 he claimed to have vote protection brigades that would neutralize M7’s rigging machinery. Instead his share of votes fell to 26%. He claimed he had gotten 68%. But he was unable to rally such a majority to make Uganda ungovernable and force M7 to talks and power sharing as has happened in Kenya and Zimbabwe.

“Just before the 2016 elections Besigye called a press conference and told all and sundry that any attempt to rig the vote would be neutralized. When the results were announced he had 32%. Not a single stone was thrown to defend his claims that he had been cheated.

“So Besigye wins, M7 steals his votes and Besigye does nothing. Why should people continue to vote for a man incapable of protecting their hard won victory – not once, not twice but four times?” said Mwenda.

Andrew Mwenda’s worry was that, even after all these disappointments, people will line up in 2021 to vote a man who will at the end tell them again, that his votes were rigged!

“I am sure in 2021 Besigye will call upon his supporters to show up and vote for him and promise their victory won’t be to no avail and again it will be to no avail.” Concluded Andrew Mwenda

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