Why the ‘Beerako’ Software Developer was Murdered at Cafe Javas

Mob justice is one thing that has robbed of us so many talented people just because of simple mistakes and through such a procedure, the “Airtel Beerako” software developer Kalibwami Kato got beaten up till his last breathe.

Apparently, Kato moved into Cafe Javas along Parliamentary Avenue with a jerrycan full of petrol, he started pouring it allover the cafe threatening to burn it down and according to eye witnesses, he seemed out of his mind and very serious about this arson, but Boda Boda riders rushed to come in, pull him out and battered him till his last breathe.

Kato was a computer wizard who graduated from Makerere University and during that period he was able to develop Airtel’s famous “Beerako” Service that borrow money to the users.

According to hi family, it is alleged that the over genius and bright Kato was mentally disconnected by the time he stormed Javas with a Jerry can of petrol and match box and he had been going under treatment for the past few months.

On 26th Sept, 2010 Kato well represented Uganda at the Mobile Monday Peer Awards held in Finland when he scooped the Prestigious Mobile Communication Award but now he left behind two children and an Australian pregnant lady.

Sean Musa Carter

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