Beef Between Bebe Cool and GoodLyfe Relapses

Every Ugandan music fanatic thought wars among musicians had reached a timeline but they were blowing their own trumpets.

The goodlyfe have again sparked off a war of words with the Gagamel CEO Moses Saali aka Bebe cool basing on unknown reasons.

Last week , singer Mowzey Radio said Bebe Cool does crap music and he can’t appreciate him as a good to go musician.

Bebe cool immediately fired back during a one on one with NTV’s Douglas Lwanga as he has no time for children rather promoting his trade to the overseas.

Mowzey Radio has today  released a gospel audio tune dubbed TAMBULA NANGE and sarcastically dedicating it to his friend Baby Cool referring to Bebe cool.

God knows what is happening between the two celebrated musicians hope there is a reconciliation about their differences very soon.