Bebe Cool’s Girl Under Goes Her First Surgery

We reported about the young girl that has a strange skin disease that made her being isolated by her friends and she dropped out of school because of loss of self esteem. It is from this stage that Bebe Cool the Gagamel international boss came out and sponsored for her surgery at Mulago hospital and the good news that is coming through is that the girl has had her first surgery done.

It is believed that she will undergo various surgery stages in order to get her skin back to normal. Excited Bebe Cool couldn’t hold the news and thus has to share it was the US. “Yesterday my little girl who we enrolled into mulago hospital had her first operation on her head. This was successfully done in Kiruddu Health Centre and today she asked to talk to me in the morning just to say thanks” Bebe said

He moved on to say how emotional he got on speaking to the girl and he said that “I had tears in my eyes as she spoke to me on video call,she looked straight in my eyes and said i want to eat eggs daddy. This girl will undergo several operations to try and give her a look that can help restore her self confidence and and am now sure in Allah’s name with your prayers,she will be normal like any child. .

So many things we fight to achieve in life,billions of money,titles,riches,­houses,fame,e.t.c make us feel like we may have achieved but for sure it’s different when you get a genuine thank you from a person who means it,whose life you can change positively by doing that little thing for them.” He ended emotionally.