Bebe Cool and A Pass in an Open Beef, It will Not End Today

It is hardly two months when Big Size Bebe Cool and the soft singer A Pass being involved in a beef that seemed to have ended unexpectedly, but yesterday evening it came out to manifest that they both still had beef for each other and it exploded on Bebe Cool’s Facebook wall.

It all started when A pass came to comment on Bebe’s post where he was justifying his uncontentedness with the Ugandan journalists who threw a stinking article to his face ant A pass reacted in a manner that did not go down well with Bebe.

The article in the context was from a local tabloid called Red Pepper where they published an article on how the Gagamel International boss is stranded in the US because of going bankrupt something that compelled Bebe to react and reply to the tabloid.

A pass came like other person and commented and said “is the respect not earned yet it’s a shame” meaning Bebe was demanding respect from the journalists as if for the 20 years Bebe has spent singing he has not earned any respect.

Big Size replied to him in an unwelcoming manner that he termed Apass as a small brained person “depends on the size of your brains as A pass don’t forget seeking for too much attention might expose your weaknesses. Learn from the best and pray to be better” Bebe Cool ranted. This called for fans’ attention and they ended up in a cyber war that up to now it is still burning ablaze.

It should be noted that A pass a few weeks back he attacked Bebe asking him that if he has failed to market Uganda internationally, he should step down his efforts and let him take over and sell it globally but Bebe never hit back to him by the time and we think yesterday was the time for him to pour his long kept anger.