Bebe Cool and A Pass Kiss and Make Up

This is an amazing story and a one of its kind in the music industry where we have had a stiff beef between two music giants that is Bebe Cool and A Pass and at the same time they reconcile and make up from the same post in the same time.

As we reported yesterday Tuesday 8th August  that the beef between these two was not to end today or tomorrow depending on the verbal war that was sparked off, we got ourselves on the other side as A Pass came publicly and apologized to Bebe Cool but told him that Bebe just misquoted what A Pass meant in his controversial comment on Bebe’s post.

A Pass in his apology, he said that “Why would one say this about our own icon and a strong pillar of our music industry, is the respect not earned yet!!!! This kind of negative vibe has to stop guys, my view” he stressed how he thinks the journalists are getting everything wrong. He moved on and showed his heart felt pain on seeing that Bebe Cool misjudged him on his view and apologized.

“Bebe Cool I love and respect you as a brother and as a mentor, But I think you misunderstood me so let me explain. To your comment in regards to your post, I was only there to support I took time to read your post and I offered my support as a fellow artist, I didn’t dis you. My sincere apologies now it’s your turn to apologize.” A pass concluded.

This apology demanded Bebe to apologize as well after he learns from A Pass’ words that he wasn’t attacking him.

Consequently, the Gagamel International boss had to pay heed to A Pass’ demands and later on the same post he apologized to A Pass and said he never meant to attack him. But the apology was not the one we looked at most, the most interesting part was when Bebe Cool for the first time accepted his mistake publicly and asked to be forgiven, we saw maturity in this and we hope now the rage, beef and misunderstanding is vanished.

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