Bebe Cool brings a snapshot from his upcoming video, fans go crazy

Bebe Cool still has a lot in the store coming, hours before announcing his collaboration with the American RnB star Jason Derulo in the Coke Studio Africa; the Mbozi Za Malwa singer uploaded a snapshot from his upcoming video which he asked his fans to guess the title.

“By imagination using this pic, give this song a title.”Bebe Cool captioned the photo above  as he looked forward for an engagement with his fans on his social media profiles.

However fans ran crazy and started throwing some insults to Bebe Cool saying the photo is indecent and should not be from someone like Bebe Cool. The photo contained Bebe Cool with 4 girls on the sides, with some in leggings while others in patras and hot pants.

One fan known as Herbert said “Too old for this” but Bebe Cool replied him calmly saying that he is too young for this, before another fan identified MC Faddy asking him if he is also fasting in this holy month Ramathan. Bebe Cool however told him to grow up.

Other fans however came, defending Bebe Cool and wondering why haters can’t keep quiet and respect the Rasta and Ugandan music legend. “Wabula ba Na Uganda You even fail simple questions. Bebe asked 4 the title of the song but a FOOL goes on insulting him. Emitwe Gino!!!!! Ngalabi zenyini” Remmy noted.

Mbu you are a Muslim and fasting you are a typical mukafiir. God should guide you otherwise jahaanam awaits you” Cinanie concluded declaring doom.

Nasa Tushabe

Writter at The Ugandan Blizz, Business Executive and Internet Marketing Personnel. twitter @nasatushabe