“We Beat Spice Diana Because she Assaulted an Officer”-Police Claims

Kampala metropolitan police spokesman Emilian Kayima has come out and revealed that singer Namukwaya Hajara who’s commonly known as Spice Diana is to be charged for assaulting and abstraction of a police officer on duty during the Kampala City Festival.

“The singer refused to comply with rules of security, she and her manager Lubega Roger resisted the police check and wanted to force their way into the venue” claims Emilian Kayima.

Kayima, the Police spokesman also said that Spice Diana fought the police and was later arrested at Nkrumah road police post but it is surprising that she was brave enough to take it to her social media to blame the police instead.

“We released her in Police Bond. The file is ready for prosecution” he added.

On Sunday Spice Diana came out and claimed that she was beaten up by police at Kampala City Festival.

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Sean Musa Carter

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