Bantu Clan Set to Collaborate with Top Ghanaian Musician

After their music going viral all the way to Ghana and other western countries, Bantu Clan Music duo Buka Chimey and Kendie Kudzie are set to record another club master piece with a Ghanaian artist whose name is yet to be disclosed.

According to the information our snoops inside Bantu Production recording house where Bantu Clan records their music, we have been alerted that the Two Bantu Clan musicians Buka Chimey and Kendie Kudzie have already started talks with a Ghanaian singer whose name is still being kept a secret as it is supposed to be a surprise to their fans.

Meanwhile, it should be remembered that Bantu Clan’s Music has been doing so well in the past few months with their songs Body to Body which was Premiered on Paragon FM‘s “Paragon Mellow” show hosted by Yao Mawutor Fianu and “Dance with Me” a collaboration with Maro on the Music Pharmacy show hosted by internationally recognized DJ Aljazeera in Ghana.

We are yet to learn more details of when the recording will begin and when the song will be released but for the meantime we have also been told that the two musicians are soon shooting the video to their new song dubbed ‘Tonight.’

Sean Musa Carter

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  • It’s a golden opportunity for Bantu Clan fans like me to see their mixed production. Really can’t wait to watch how collaboration happened between them.