Bank Of Uganda Finally Present the 125 Million Worth Pens

Two weeks ago, Bank of Uganda came out and publicly announced how they had used money worth UGx 125 Milllion to purchase 350 Writing pens to be used by their stuff and now after so much criticism from the public, they have finally presented the multi million pens they bought.

For those who were wondering how the UGx 125 coming to UGx 357,000 each pen had been used to purachse writing pens and now people can finally have a look at the famous expensive ink since a normal writing pen doesn’t even cost more than UGx 1,000.

Bank of Uganda spent Shs 125 million to procure 350 pens at Shs 357,000 each as souvenirs to mark its Golden Jubilee celebrations held in August 2016 and now today, samples of the pens have been presented before the Parliamentary committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE).

However, different theories have been brought up backing up the fact that such an amount was used just to purchase pens to be used in the Bank of Uganda and why they had to spend such money but through so much research, different Ugandans have posted on social media different prices of different writing pens including Fountain pens which are taken to be the most expensive ones.

Below is the picture taken to show how these mighty pens look like:

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