Bad news: MC Kats sexually starving after weeks of no kombya

The “not good” news coming this side shows that the Ugandan celebrated MC and a TV Host MC Kats is passing through some of his worst days in life after Fille has not only decided to molest him physically and emotionally but also sexually.

After the scuffle which they had weeks back, Fille since then has never slept with the horny NBS After Five presenter, who is the father of 21 children and she has vowed to keep her promise till when she gets a public apology from Kats.

MC Kats has all this time been trying to attract her sending the signals but all she has been doing is cutting all the connections to send the signals away. He even reached an extent of taking a photo with a lady pecking him hoping that protective Fille would get jealous and come back to him but all these have been getting an inconsiderable success.

Fille seems determined to breakup with MC Kats something Kats is not ready to do swallow. Of recent, Fille announced that she has cancelled her concert and has fired her management, which is led by Kats as the manager.

Nasa Tushabe

Writter at The Ugandan Blizz, Business Executive and Internet Marketing Personnel. twitter @nasatushabe