Baby Kayla to Undergo Surgery Today, All Updates

A Campaign to raise money for Baby Kaylar Ruvuza to go for surgery has been going on for over two months now and two weeks ago she flew to India with her mother to proceed for the surgery after over 85% of the needed money getting collected and now she is ready to undergo the procedure to recover her lost abilities.

Baby Kayla got locked in car about 5 months ago with her two other friends but she lost consciousness after suffocating, the other two children are fine but Baby Kayla got a brain damage, now she can neither sit not stand or walk, all she does is lay down in pain but the rest of her body functions properly, now she needs this surgery to recover her back fully.

Baby Kayl’s family believes that this will be over soon, they have been in India for a week now, but during this time they have gone to a couple of hospitals to seek opinions from different doctors so that when they finally go through with this operation, they are fully informed. But with each doctor they came a new stab in a fresh wound. They all said that there is no cure for Kayla.

The mother at some point would break down and lose hope but then pick herself up and move to the next doctor. Last Wednesday they came to neurogen brain and spine institute (which was the main reason they went in the first place). Their technology is the only hope for children with Kayla’s kind of condition. But even then, it’s also not 100% cure. They can only bring back up to 80% of my Kayla.

What the doctors in India are more skeptical about is whether her vision will return. They say those are the hardest cells to repair. But being the only hope there is anywhere in the world, it’s the best shot for Kayla to be normal again. She has gone through so many tests to a certain how deep the damage actually was and it turns out, it’s much more severe than we thought.

However, the Good news is, they can repeat the procedure until they are satisfied with the results. Well, the surgery happens today 29th August at 6am. and whoever can, should pray for this little girl to get back to normal.

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