Babaluku Attacks the Head of Bantu Clan at the Bayimba Festival

Drama and chaos arose yesterday afternoon at the Uganda National Cultural Center commonly known as the National Theater as veteran rap assassin Babaluku of Bavubuka Dynasty attacked Buka Chimey the leader of Bantu Clan while falsely accusing him of theft as the Bayimba International Festival was going on.

According to our reliable sources at Bayimba Festival, Babaluku came out of nowhere and grabbed Chimey by his shirt and started altering out life threatening lines including beating him up or even do something more serious if Chimey didn’t return the digital Camera he left with as the two were parting work agreements.

When we approached Buka Chimey in a one on one, he informed us that he used to work with Babaluku when he had just started up Bantu Clan and Babaluku used to connect him to different people since he had been in the industry for long. Babaluku used to fraudently acquire money from English sponsors and international penpals all in the name of helping Bantu Clan to grow.

When conducting interviews with different members of Bantu Clan, they informed us that Babaluku used not to allow them stand on their own feet as he could sit on their talents limiting their exposure to the professional industry until Buka Chimey, their leader stood up one day and decided to part ways with Babaluku.

Chimey composed a long email and sent it to Babaluku after confirming that he had decided to leave the Bavubuka CEO, he asked Babaluku to confirm whether Chimey had not left with anything of which Babaluku refused to reply the email. So after a while of two long years, it was surprising for Babaluku to attack him out of nowhere accusing him of having stolen a camera.

Bantu Clan spent two years without producing any brand new project as they were only depending on their old projects, until they got in contact with Tim Kizito who sent in first class production equipments hence the creation of Bantu Productions House in Makindye where the crew is currently recording their upcoming projects from.

Babaluku and Buka Chimey
Babaluku and Buka Chimey

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