B2C’s Mr Lee & Coco Ug Fighting for Spice Diana 

Over the years, people have been wondering about the lucky guy pounding Spice Diana’sNini‘ but now by the look of things it seems like the “Gwe Nsonga” hitmaker has been juggling B2C Solja’s Mr Lee with the U.K based Coco Ug who recently just re-branded himself from being Samo Kagaati.

According to reliable sources, these two fast rising male stars (Mr Lee and Coco UG)  have been battling each of them showing the power they have over Spice Diana’s heart but non was willing to give up until when things got completely out of control.

Apparently, this whole beef was sparked off to the maximum when Goodlyfe singers Mowzey Radio and Weasel gave a collabo to B2C just a month after doing a collabo with Coco Ug for their song titled “Africa”, forcing the two artists to lay strategies of outing their beef to the public.

The unsatisfied Coco Ug took it to his Facebook page to complain to Radio and Weasel about the way they had handled the situation and to maw matters worse, Mr Lee also went to the B2C Facebook page and posted a photo of Spice Diana accompanying it with sweet words which triggered Coco Ug’s anger.

The Goodlyfe fans came out and started attacking the “Yona Gyemba” hitmaker Coco Ug calling him a looser hence him also taking it to his Facebook to post a photo of Spice Diana with threatening words directly warning the B2C to stay way from Spice Diana.

Sean Musa Carter

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