Anne Kansiime’s manager clarifies on the allegations that she was arrested in UK with cocaine

There have been various hoax stories running on online blogs that Comedian Anne Kansiime has been arrested in the United Kingdom with two Kgs of Cocaine.

Multiple individuals on social media who were confused of what could be right or wrong about their favorite Ninja, Anne Kansiime, republished the story that was first produced by unpopular blog called Metro-uk.

Emma Kakai the recently crowned manager of Anne Kansiime who replaced Johnson Mujungu came out on Friday on social media to clarify about the situation and described the news as a baseless rumor that is just intended at destroying Anne Kansiime’s public image and growing the respective blog’s following on Kansiime’s hard earned name.

“It is a pity that some online tabloids find it exciting to fabricate stories that tarnish the image of honest hardworking people. We kindly request the public to be smart and reject helping such tabloids grow their following by riding on the hard Labour of others.” Kakai said in a statement.

Kakai annulled the story on grounds that Anne Kansiime is in Uganda and has not left the country for the last 3 weeks since she left the Madiba Land, South Africa. Therefore saying that she was arrested in UK where she last went in November last year on the Afrikafest is a pure lie.

“First of all we would like to acknowledge all our ninjas who have shown genuine love and concern by inquiring from us what is going on. Kansiime is in Uganda and has been in Uganda for the last 3 weeks since returning from work in South Africa late January and hasn’t been to the UK since November 2016” She added.

She concluded by reminding people that Anne Kansiime is a role model to different people and she lives to defend that image.

“Kansiime Anne is a role model to many across different age brackets something that she doesn’t take for granted and is highly committed to.
Once again we thank all media platforms and journalists whose unwavering faith in Kansiime has played a huge role in clearing the lies that were being fed to the innocent public.”
Concluded Kakai.

Last year, another blog published news that Anne Kansiime was dead in South Africa which was later also proved to be a hoax story.

Nasa Tushabe

Writter at The Ugandan Blizz, Business Executive and Internet Marketing Personnel. twitter @nasatushabe