Anne Kansiime part ways with Johnson Mujungu, introduces Emma as a new manager

African queen of comedy Anne Kansiime has finally parted ways with his longtime manager Johnson Mujungu the founder and CEO Grajoh Promotions.

In her long emotional post on social media, Anne Kansiime explained how she was discovered, mentored and taken to stardom by Johnson Munjungu, one of the leading events promoters in the United Kingdom, but went to say that after that wonderful journey, they have parted ways.

“Sadly as they say, even good things must come to an end.  And as for you Mr Johnson Mujungu the Mukiga nomad destined to conquer the world, it has really really been a pleasure.
You have been my Personal Manager, my Mentor, my Cheerleader, brain behind #SharedBlessings and my career growth partner.”
Anne stated.

The Ugandan award-winning comedian said that she got her first flight to UK because of Johnson who had confidence in her, yet she had not yet believed in herself.

“I remember very well you took me for my first gig abroad (London) even when I constantly assured how I had no idea what I would do once I got there but u never gave up till u taught me how to shine and that alone should show how much faith you had and still have in me.”

Anne Kansiime has now signed Emma Kakai as her manager. The contract with Emma Kakai started on Monday, December 12, and she will be responsible for all bookings of Anne Kansiime and all other tasks required of her as a manager.

“I now introduce to you my long time business manager Emma Kakai who will with immediate effect also take on all bookings and other Kansiime businesses going forward.” Said Anne.

Emma Kakai the new manager

Anne Kansiime has for years been headlinings, hosting and other times co-hosting the Afrikafest, a yearly event in UK organized by Johnson Mujungu. In 2016, Anne Kansiime and Maama Africa Yvonne Chaka Chaka were the leading celebrities at the event while Anne Kansiime’s sister Shine Omukiga also received a shared blessing to fly for the first time to London as an artist on that event.

Anne has declared her total support, love and ready to consult attitude towards her former Manager Johnson Mujungu and requested her Ninjas always to support him in all ways possible.

“I know that I will surely keep running to you Johnson for advice and I pray to God that I don’t disappoint you and the ninjas God has given me.  To my ninjas, my journey with Johnson Mujungu as my manager may have come to an end but the friendship still stands. So, please love him with me whenever you bump into him”

Nasa Tushabe

Writter at The Ugandan Blizz, Business Executive and Internet Marketing Personnel. twitter @nasatushabe