Anne Kansiime dead, In South Africa?

Today a website a broke the news that the Ugandan comedian dubbed the Queen of African Comedy has died in South Africa where she was to hold a comedy show this weekend.

The Website named Times Live which is a South African website went ahead to claim that she got fell sick and was rushed to the hospital where she died immediately at 29 years.

However, singer Anne Kansiime came forward to banish all the claims, affirming her fans that she is alive and such idlers should back off with such lies “If you are going to tell my ninjas that am dead, atleast tell me in advance so I back up your story. Indeed Idleness has finally become a hobby.” Said Kansiime.

Kansiime cracked a joke and told her fans that she won’t leave them and die just like that “Well, relax my ninjas, your queen ninja is not about to desert you fwaaaaaa…..I still have a lot of love and joy to give”

It has become a norm by online blogs and website announcing people dead when they are alive because of the reasons only known to them. Of recent, the senior American pastor Joyce Meyer was announced dead only to find it was hoax. “These so called bloggers are hell bent on spoiling other people’s reputation just to get attention. You will live and not die my dear Ann. heaven you shall go but not any time soon” Prophesied one Identified as Peetah.

Times Live announcing Anne Kansiime dead
Times Live announcing Anne Kansiime dead

Nasa Tushabe

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  • Some people likes talking dead


    Our queen ninja can’t die like that…kansiime we love u


    I love you my sweetheart kansiime… long

  • joy katushabe

    Anne we love u so much wama u can’t live us faaaaaa .tell us da truth

  • Guys we are fade up with ur rumours mufune byemukola mununekuvu mubike abewamwe balabe ,wama we love u kansiime live long baswaluke

  • george

    is it true that anne is dead or not

  • Read the story again. She is not dead

  • I miss you anne and you are good comedian show. i love you