Anne Kansiime adds something to her Investment Empire

It is hardly ten years ever since the Mparo Kabale born comedienne Anne Kansiime rose to fame, but she has showcased a tremendous improvement in her social life especially her investments unlike many of her friends in the comedy scene who have got nothing to show after even ten years or more.

In her investment empire, we have seen her erect the Kansiime Foundation and many more and now, she has added. The Kansiime Backpackers that is located at Lake Bunyonyi, a place I may say every person would love to go to before he or she dies because of its location and the soothing environment.

In her own statements, she asserted that The Kansiime Backpackers is a place she feels it is worth to be for everyone and even freshly married couples. “I also feel like keeping here forever” Anne joked as we left the place.