Andrew Mwenda in hiding after he shamefully failed to reveal Okwalinga’s identity

For those who thought that the hunt for Tom Voltaire Okwalinga has yielded some fruits, it’s not yet over, the hunt is still on.

After the Old Man of the Clan identified some people to be the identities behind the mysterious account Tom Voltaire Okwalinga (TVO), TVO has come up and laughed at him calling him a mad person who cannot know who the real TVO is.

In TVO’s post titled the “Futile Hunt of TVO”, Tom Voltaire Okwalinga said that before he opened the TVO account in 2010 he already had the resources necessary to expose the government of President Museveni.

He continued to say that he will never at any one time get known by the anyone or let his sources known and will never be known until this regime is removed.

“I just want to make it categorically clear that, by the time TVO started this campaign to fight for good governance, using social media or call it cyber space, TVO had all the necessary knowledge, resources , discipline and capacity to carry out this mission. TVO has managed to prevail, because he knows his mission and can never compromise both himself and his sources.”

He went on to say that, the Ugandan intelligence has inadequate capacity to stop this mission and will never meet TVO.

“The Ugandan regime and its intelligence services have very inadequate capacity to stop this mission, and the only time they will meet TVO, is in the new Uganda when TVO may be among the people interrogating them for crimes they have committed against the citizens.”

He said that therefore no one should deceive Ugandans that he has found TVO “Until then, anyone who comes up with some theory on TVO, should be regarded as an attention seeker and misguided.”

Last week, Andrew Mwenda said that he has known who TVO is and he identified three people, Henry Lugasira, Abbey Ssemuwemba and Shaka Roberts to be the identities behind the account TVO.

Ever since Okwalinga laughed at Andrew Mwenda, the CEO of Independent Magazine, the latter has not yet come to defend or make further allegations or even bring proof that he has found the real TVO.

Nasa Tushabe

Writter at The Ugandan Blizz, Business Executive and Internet Marketing Personnel. twitter @nasatushabe