At What Age Are Women Best In Bed?

There is common belief about women and their sexual peak age that they reach this stage when they are around the ages of 30-35. It makes sense, too. They’ve had enough experience to know what they like, so why wouldn’t this age range be accurate? But contrary to common belief, studies now show that women hit their sexual peak around the age of 26. But you’re probably wondering, why 26?

With more years under a woman’s belt comes more wisdom in bed. As time progresses, she begins to know her body more and realizes what she likes and doesn’t like. This newfound knowledge can be crucial in determining her sexual peak age. If she takes longer to realize these things, then her sexual peak age will not come until later. But if she comes to find that she knows what she likes and dislikes at an earlier age, she will find that her sexual peak age will be sooner.

Dr. David Schnarch says that people have often confused genital prime with sexual prime. A woman reaches her genital prime, meaning she has fully developed sexual organs and is most fertile, in her 30’s; but a woman reaches her sexual prime in her mid to late 20’s.

So if you’re a mid-20’s woman who lost her virginity around the age of 16, you probably have already or will hit your sexual peak in the near future, so enjoy.


Nasa Tushabe

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