I aborted, wrapped the fetus as a gift, sent it to the guy who impregnated me and dumped me

Admin, I know some of the readers will judge me, but let them first read my story before they judge me, they will see I was right.

I was in S.6 Vacation when I met Sam a handsome man whom I trusted. He was working and single and promised to marry me and even pay for me at Campus, as I will be staying with him at home.

I was happy, trusted him and started visiting him before I shifted permanently to his home something that was against my parents wish. Within three months, I was already pregnant and immediately after realizing, I told him expecting him to be excited and happy but instead he kept quiet with his head down and after some minutes, he left me in the room and went outside.

“Is he going to bring a ring and surprise me with a proposal?” I thought since I never expected to get any disappointment to him. He never returned home that night until the following day when he came and told me to go home and tell my parents that he will come to visit them and talk to them about giving me to him permanently within 3 weeks. He even gave me some little money to give it to my parents for the preparations of his visit.

I went home surprised and told mum, it was that very same day at night when Sam texted me; never to call him and never to come to his home again if I wish to last longer on earth.

I cried all night long and in the morning told mum what had happened, she told me not to care about him but to prepare myself for my first semester at campus. She never knew I was pregnant.

What I did, I had my little money, went to the clinic, ordered the doctor not to throw away my fetus after removing the pregnancy, the nurses wondered why the hell I wanted that dead embryo. After carrying out abortion, they gave it to me; I wrapped it in the box using a wrapping paper and sent it to him as a gift with his names prescribed.

I am now feeling happy, I paid him back. I am in my first year at campus, I have never met him ever since. Some men deserve such treatments like what I did to him.

Names Withheld under the request of the writer.