A pass attacks KCCA for dumping local talent at the upcoming city carnival

Barely a day to the long awaited Kampala city carnival, dancehall musician A pass aka Alexander Bagonza has criticized the capital city’s administrative wing for lacking objectivity and patriotism by hiring foreign talent to headline the annual city partying at the cost of the many Ugandan artist whose talent could be boasted.

The Kampala city carnival that started five years back in 2012 is a respected platform to rally city dwellers together to celebrate the city and on several occasions the technical wing of KCCA has been pushing the chance to the local musicians entertain and headline the occasion something that has been averted this year with the organizing body hiring Tanzanian artiste, Nasseb Abdul Juma aka Diamond Platinumz at a whooping 108 Ugandan million shillings the dimes Apass believes would have been shared equitably among local artistes and kill off the show.

“Funny enough you get an artiste from outside UG to headline a show that is meant for Kla and yet no TZ show can be headlined by a UG Artist,” lamented musician Apass.

The ‘Wuuyo’ hit maker joins a string of Ugandans criticizing the move that was executed by the KCCA technical wing to hire foreign talent to headline the Ugandan Kampala city carnival after the head of the political wing Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago too criticized the act saying its abnormal to deny local talent celebrate the development and diversity of their country.

“I find it abnormal that you are paying all this money to a single artiste at the expense of the local artistes,” lamented Mr. Elias Lukwago.

However, the acting deputy KCCA executive director Mr. Samuel Serunkuuma has defended the technical win g of the city saying that the institution has no powers to determine which artiste to bring at the carnival because the partying is driven by the private partners as sponsors who determine their topmost choice for the day.

“All the money that will be used in the city carnival was donated by the private partners and thius makes it hard for us to dictate on what must be done,” said Mr. Serunkuuma.

Let us hope musician Apass will calm down and wait for next year for Ugandans to hit the stage as headlining artistes after all he isn’t among other group of Ugandan artistes who were chosen to entertain the city dwellers in company of the Wasafi CEO.

THE Kampala city carnival started way back in 2012 as platform to bring together all city dwellers and celebrate their city and according to the city’s administrators, KCCA believes the festival is aimed at preserving history and tradition to stimulate local economy, entertain and involve the community and aliens in a fun-filled atmosphere.