6 ways Technology might change S£x in the Future

S3x is as old as humanity itself, necessary to our continuation as a species, perhaps even to what makes us fundamentally us. We’re talking, of course, about inventing new stuff. Jeez. Get your mind out of the gutter.
Actually, there is no question that sex has evolved along with technology, from condoms to Romance-Machines to sexting. So, how will our s3x lives be different in a year? Or in 10 years? Or in even 20 to 30 years? We can’t be absolutely certain.

Guys Could Have a (Non-Condom) Birth Control Option
A new injection that acts as a temporary vasectomy for men, won’t protect against STDs — but in trials with baboons, it had 100% effectiveness in preventing pregnancy. The technology could be “on the market in 2016-2017,” but for those of you who can’t wait (and don’t mind a needle in a very sensitive area), human trials “start in early 2015.”
In related news, the days of girls exclusively being the ones who have to remember to pop a pill may soon be drawing to a close. Researchers in Indonesia have reportedly discovered that Justica gendarussa, a plant that’s common there, is 99% percent effective as birth control for men. It doesn’t alter male hormones, and may even increase libido. Don’t expect it stateside in the immediate future, but eager dudes could seek it out in Indonesia this year (although, we don’t recommend it).
More couples will stay intimate at a distance with smartphone-controlled intimacy gadgets

The old version of phone intimacy was always a little ridiculous, but “teledildonic” devices such as We-Vibe (along with its We-Connect app) and OhMiBod allow partners to create pleasurable vibrations from afar. These days, distance can make more than the heart grow fonder.

Condoms will be totally different
Last year, Microsoft founder Bill Gates donated $100,000 to Australian researchers to develop a “next-generation condom … made to act and feel more like real skin.” Gates hopes that this “hydro gel” will feel completely natural and thus encourage more guys to practice safe s3x. There is no estimated time of arrival to market on this Australian wonder condom, but Gates also has 10 other prophylactic prototypes in development. One of them has to change the game in the coming decade, right? This is Bill Motherf—ing Gates, after all!


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