5 Most Loved Ugandan Celebrity couples 2016

This list was difficult to make, because almost all celebrity couples are loved by fans of the respective celebs, in this article, in our list, we considered majorly 3 things. The reputation, respect and public image of the couple, the love and admiration people have towards the couple and finally the appearance and feature of the couple in the news and the media. With those criteria, we managed to come up with our list of 5 celebrity couples who made it to the top.

5. Jose Chameleone and Daniella
This couple made it to our list and came as number five. Much as this couple does not always appear in the media, but it is one of the most respected and adored celebrity couples. The parent couple has stayed together for so long and in fact more than a decade but got officially married in 2008. Daniela who is a mother of four decided to live a private life off from the public eye.

4. Eddy Kenzo and Rema Namakula.
This celebrity couple is not that old but still is doing well when it comes to the public image. So much has been said about them, and separation rumors have risen time and again but the couple has still kept intact and loving. The two come to the public limelight in 2012 and since then, they have managed to maintain the love. The couple has once Child Aamal who is 1 year and 4 months old in addition to Maya Eddy Kenzo’s other child. What everyone is waiting is the wedding between the two singers. Who knows after that the two will be the number one couple.

3. Bebe Cool and Zuena.
Oh my goodness. If there is any couple that knows how to show love in love in public, it’s these two amazing beings. The couple having spent more than 15 years is enough to make them one of the most respected couples. One lady said that every lady needs a man who can show her love like Bebe Cool and indeed this what the Gagamel Boss has been doing. The couple is having for Children in addition to Bebe Cool’s other child Allan.
Bebe Cool and Zuena

2. Diamond and Zari Hassan
Someone is about to ask why I am bringing the Tanzanian couple in Ugandan things, but I guess you have already got the answer! The existence of Zari makes the coupe a Ugandan. These two love birds have been in fact ranked the best celebrity couple in East Africa, if not Wahu and Nameless. The two have love which is less than two years old but weighs bigger than a silver jubilee couple.

The two showed the best maternity love, the kind of love and care no any other Ugandan and in fact Eat African man had ever given to his wife during pregnancy times. The couple has one child who is around 9 months Baby Tiffah and are expected to produce the second child very soon if they keep on this kind of love.
Zari with Diamond

Bobi Wine and Barbie Kyagulanyi.
I guess you all expect this, not because this couple is the most loved, but because the couple is the most respected. The two met each other at Makerere University when they were at ZERO as I may call it. Barbie recently narrated a story of how she used walk with Bobi Wine on foot (since they had no money for taxi) and Bobi Wine would be telling Barbie how rich they will be in future and how he would be a great musician and his music would be listened across the nations. At the time, this did not sound as a dream but rather a nightmare. 15 years down the road. Bobi Wine is among the most influential musicians in Uganda and the couple now owns property worth Billions of Shillings.

One other interesting thing about this couple, is that unlike many other couples who pass through many hardships and finally to wealth, Barbie Itungo did not leave Bobi Wine during those bad times and Bobi Wine up to now has not left Barbie when he became rich. Once in a while, Bobi Wine composes a song renewing his promise to love Barbie the whole of his life. But Barbie can’t sing. What she will do, she will go on her Facebook page, post how much she loves Bobi Wine and promises to love him forever, the Bobi Wine shares the post on his page. That’s true love. The couple has 4 children now, with the youngest Child Subbi less than a year old.
Barbie Kyagulanyi and Bobi Wine

Any other Celebrity couples that you wish, we should consider in our list of top10 Celebrity couple? Don’t hesitate to comment it below. Thanks.

Nasa Tushabe

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