45 Year Old Man Nabbed Climbing a Cow in Isingiro

Today around lunch time in Isingiro district came to be shocked as a 45 years old Nuwabiine Robert was nabbed live in broad day light climbing a cow. What shocked the neighbors was the way he defended himself blaming his very wife of starving him sexually and denying him night services.

The father of three claimed that his wife denied him lunch time s3x and the night major one yesterday, something that pestered him to soliciting for the cow’s services as it was already available. To his utter shock, the wife trashed the allegations pinpointing him of being a s3x maniac who won’t sleep with doing it.

“I give him enough s3x every time he is deceiving but because for him he can’t get satisfied even if am in my periods, he does the s3x to me and I am used to that” the anonymous wife showed her frustration.

She moved on to assert that Robert does not give her time to rest that even if she just delivered, he gives her just days of rest and starts banging her again. When Robert was asked if all that said was true, he replied by saying that s3x is the reason he married her there is no need to call for a break, if he wants it, he wants it.