4 top reasons Ugandan women will not give you a bl0w job

A lot of men are big fans of receiving blow jobs.  For most, oral s3x is at the top of their list of their most favourite sex acts. There are, however, a few reasons why Ugandan women will rather not perform this act on their male partner.
Yesterday, we talked about the top reasons Ugandan men give for not going down on their partners. Today, we present a countdown (from least likely to most likely) of reasons why Ugandan women will not go down on their men.

4. Personality
Women are attracted to more than your physical attributes. A woman will not go all in with a man who does not make her feel good about it. When a man is so insistent on getting her to give him a bl0w job to the point of being rude or if he makes her feel like it is her obligation, she is unlikely to give him what he wants. For her to regularly go down on you, it is important that she enjoys the act.

3. Size/discomfort
Another reasons Ugandan women gave for not wanting to perform oral s3x on their partner is size. The bigger the p3nis, the more uncomfortable bl0w jobs can be. If she goes down on you once and it was uncomfortable, she might avoid a repetition. There are, of course, tips to help her handle a more endowed man which could help.

2. Hair
Quite a lot of women have said they will not give a bl0w job to an extremely hairy man. Though, they admitted that some hair is not bad, but when the penis is covered with long and full hair, it looks unappealing. It can be tedious trying to blow him and prevent herself from swallowing/tasting hair.

1. Intimacy
Compared to men, women are extremely unlikely to perform oral s3x on a man they do not have at least, some level of emotional feelings for. Oral s3x is a selfless act that requires you to focus solely on pleasing your partner and women will rather not go to the effort for a casual s3x mate or one night stand. They reserve the honour for men they are in a relationship with or married to.

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