4 hot positions for quickie s3x

A lot of couples are big fans of quickie s*x. What’s not to love – it is hot, fast, exciting and often dirty.

It can happen in the bedroom, living room and sometimes outside the home. It is that quick way to sexually connect with your partner in the midst of everyday responsibilities. If we have succeeded in convincing you to have more quickies, then you should absolutely check out the fun positions that makes this even hotter.

1. Dogg!e Style

doggie style

For guys, this position provides a ton of friction and penetration and for women there’s direct g-spot stimulation.

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2. Stand and Deliver


Bending over tightens the vag!nal walls for extra pleasure and he’s got easy access to her cl!toris for double the fun.

3. Cowgirl


If it’s all about her orgasm, this is the way to go.

4. Spooning


Great for the lazy early-morning sex. Something hot and fast before the day begins.

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