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3 best s£x Position when she’s on her period

Period s3x is something that is debatable amongst people, some people run away from doing it while others believe there is no big deal to it. If you want to have s3x during her period, and she wants it as well, just go and ahead.

It’s also true that lady may want s3x during period because estrogen and testosterone level increase when the flow is in full effect, which can make you horny. “Lots of women find the increased blood flow and extra slickness make s3x even more enjoyable,” says Carol Queen, PhD, staff s3xologist for Good Vibrations.
Because of this delicate situations, should you choose to have s3x during this period, here are 4 positions that are optimal as compiled by Women’s Health Magazine.

1. The Butterfly

Let her lay her back at the edge of the bed, while you stand infront of her, then place her legs over your shoulder, help her adjust her waist until the hips is accessible for penetration. You can stack pillows underneath her to make this better. You can also pull this off in missionary—with your guy kneeling—so there’s not as much leakage, says Ian Kerner, PhD, author of She Comes First.

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2. Spooning

One of the most romantic positions for s3x is also fantastic for period s3x. This tried-and-true favorite allows you to control the angle of penetration and gives him easy access to caress your breasts, which are probably sore, says Jane Greer, PhD, s3x therapist and author of What About Me? Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship. Bonus: Not only is gravity still on your side, but the shallow penetration that comes with this move is great if your cramps are really acting up, says Queen.

3. Modified Miss1onary

The world’s laziest s3x position is also good for period s3x, but with some modifications as well. You may prefer to keep it simple when Aunt Flo’s in town and partake in some straight-up missionary sex. (Sometimes lazy s3x = best s3x.) Plus, lying down could minimize cramping, says Greer. Just make sure to place a towel underneath your butt to minimize cleanup. For a tighter feel, try miss1onary with your legs held together, says Queen. “It adds some pressure and helps reduce slippage.”


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