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20 Most followed Ugandans Celebrities on Facebook

Social media has become of the ways of measuring people and companies’ popularity and reputation. In Uganda, Facebook is the most common used social medium with over 1,800,000 registered users and more than 700,000 daily active users.

Almost all Ugandan celebrities starting with Social Celebrities, Musicians, politicians, economists, journalists and all other public figures have opened Facebook pages and have managed to collect thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions of likes depending on their popularity and level of commitment in developing their social profiles. The list below shows top 20 most liked celebrities in Uganda as of September 26, 2016.

20. Kiiza Besigye, 122,945 likes. Kizza Besigye Kifefe is Uganda’s most popular opposition candidate since her independence. He is a Ugandan politician, a social and economic activist, an eloquent speaker, four-time presidential candidate and the former party President of Forum for Democratic Change -FDC.
Kizza Besigye

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19. King Saha, 146,984 Likes. King Saha is one of the Uganda’s best vocalists. He is a musician who has rose to fame since his song Signal in 2013.

18. Amama Mbabazi, 147,058 likes. He is the Ugandan Politician, former Prime Minister, former Presidential Candidate in 2016 General Elections and the leader of the Go Forward political campaign.

17. Desire Luzinda, 157,267 likes. Dubbed ‘Ekitone’ by her fans, Desire Luzinda is one of the finest female artists in the whole country. She is well gifted by nature and one of the famous best designers in the Music Industry.

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16. Mariam Ndagire, 177,491 likes. She is Uganda’s most decent musician of the 21st century. She has ventured into the film industry where she is doing extremely well.

15. Winnie Nwagi, 178,025 likes. She is a Ugandan beautiful singer. She is popular with her good music and her well-built figure.

14. Navio, 200,988 likes. Dan Kigozi is the real name of this sensational singer. He is Uganda’s best hip-hop artist able to flow the American style Hip-hop and the Luga Flow.

13. A Pass, 209,356 likes. A Pass is a Ugandan reggae and dancehall artist. He is famous for his songs Gamululu that was remixed by the Jamaican singer Konshens, Wuuyo and many other songs.

12. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 237,955 likes. He is the president of the Republic of Uganda, Chairman NRM Party. He is also a singer and the Author of a book Mustard Seed, Co-Author of the first and only Runyankore Thesaurus and many other things.
President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

11. Zari Hassan, 242,977 likes. She is a Ugandan socialite, the host of White party. She is a wife to the Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz.

10. Maurice Kirya, 246,969 likes. Maurice Kirya is a Uganda musician popular with his soul music (Mwooyo) and jazz music. He is one of the best live performers in Uganda. He is also a brother to a popular musician Vampino.

9. Angella Katatumba, 319,404 likes. She is a Ugandan Musician known for her philanthropic heart. She has been leading in various charity activities including the Mulago Yaffe project.

8. Bobi Wine, 334,110 Likes. Bobi Wine is the third of the three Uganda Music Patriarchs, He is known for his patriotic and philanthropic heart. Bobi Wine is a musician and a social and political activist.

7. Rema Namakula, 419,505 likes. She is a Uganda female musician, Female artist of the year 2014 in Hipipo Prestigious Awards, a wife to Musician Eddy Kenzo. She is currently in the Coke Studio Africa Nairobi.

6. Eddy Kenzo, 421,032 likes. He is the fastest rising musician in Uganda on the International scenes. The BET Award winner and African Artist of the Yeah in the Nigerian Entertainment Awards, Eddy Kenzo has rose to fame to become one of the most loved musicians on the continent.

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5. Jose Chameleone 434,277 likes. Jose Chameleone is the second of the three patriarchs of Ugandan Music. He is considered the most famous musician in East Africa with his Luganda and Kiswahili songs.
Jose Chameleone

4. Irene Ntale, 444,226 likes. Irene Ntale is one of the most famous female Artists in Uganda. She rose to fame in 2014 with her song Gyobera and has never backslid since then. She has been nominated in various continental awards including Afrima and Afrimma awards.

3. Bebe Cool 476,189 likes. Bebe Cool is one of the three musicians dubbed the patriarchs of Ugandan Music Industry. He is the CEO Gagamel Band and popular musician in the whole of Africa. He is the most awarded musician in Uganda and has the largest number of followers on Facebook who specifically come from Uganda.
Bebe Cool Laughing

2. Juliana Kanyomozi, 733,750 likes. Juliana is a Ugandan female musician. She is a Tooro princess, an actress and popular figure in music In the whole of East Africa. She was a judge in the Tusker Project Fame and was a successful figure in the 2015 Coke Studio Africa Mash up.

Juliana Kanyomozi

1. Anne Kansiime, 1,734,987 likes. She is a Ugandan Comedian, and one of the most famous comedians on the African continent. She is the most followed Ugandan on Facebook. She became famous with the NTV Minibuzz comedies before and later joined Citizens TV Kenya with “Don’t mess with Anne Kansiime” which made her the known throughout Africa.

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