19 year old sells her virginity to fund her brother’s cancer treatment

A teenage girl in Hangzhou, China is selling her virginity for GB£ 23,405 in order to raise money that is needed to cover treatment of her brother who is in bad condition due to cancer.

According to Daily Mail UK, Her brother who is 23, was diagnosed with Leukemia and his condition is deteriorating.

The high school student identified as Xu Yanhua says her brother was diagnosed with Leukemia 3 years ago and her family is too poor to cover the needed cost. She was spoted on Monday in subway train in Hangzhou where she was selling her boy for 200,000 Yuan (USD 29,045/GBP 23,405).

Xu held a signboard that said; ‘The treatment will cost more than 200,000 yuan. My family cannot afford it. Which kind-hearted person can save my brother?’

She claimed to be having a hospital issued certificate proving that she was in fact a Virgin. She said she came from Qiubei County in Yunnan Province and was a high school student.

Xu with her brother in the hospital
Xu with her brother in the hospital

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