15 Signs A Girl Has A Crush On You

It can be really hard for members of either s3x to admit when they like someone. But listen up, guys — if you get a nagging feeling that her sour demeanor might actually be hiding the fact that she actually kinda likes you, keep an eye out for these clues. You might be surprised to find out that she’s more into you than she’s willing to admit.

1. She’s constantly talking about you.
Here’s something to think about: if someone’s talking about you, you’re occupying their mind in one way or another. If someone really, truly wasn’t interested in you, would they really be thinking about you all the time? If a person was repulsed by you, they wouldn’t spend any time talking about you.

2. She teases and taunts you.
Rare though it might be, girls might also “neg” guys the same way guys do girls. If a girl has felt slighted by you, she may turn to taunting your and making fun of you as a way to lick her own wounds. Guys, this shouldn’t take you by surprise — you’re famous for this move!

3. Even though she insists she hates you, she keeps bumping into you and hanging out with your friends.
The more unlikely it is that she’d meet you in these “random” place, the more likely it is that she wants you to notice that she’s there.

4. She blushes around you, or blushes when someone says she has a crush on you.
Blushing is one of those things that you can’t hide, no matter what you say. It’s a sign she’s flustered, and it’s also a sign that she’s been caught red-handed.

5. You keep catching her stealing glances at you.
If she didn’t like you, she wouldn’t constantly be ogling you. Unless you have lobsters crawling out of your ears, you’re probably being scoped out by this girl.

6. You’ve overheard her friends joke about how she likes you.
More often than not, a girl’s friends will see right through the bullsh*t. If they’re the type who are blunt about things, then they’ll most likely joke about the fact that she has a crush on you.

7. Her friends have tried to goad you into talking to her.
This is a classic move that’s done by friends when a girl’s too shy to approach you on her own. Usually, when this happens, the girl’s already asked them to play Cupid because she’s too shy to approach you on her own.

8. Your friends keep mentioning that it seems like she might like you, often citing reasons listed here.
Maybe it’s time to listen to your friends? They’ll often have a better grip on reality when it comes to who does and doesn’t like you.

9. She seems like she’s trying to rub her s*xuality in your face.
This is an especially big sign if you recently rejected her and it seems like she’s trying to make you jealous. Subtle clues like looking at you while she’s kissing another guy, or even just overplaying her taken status may be an indicator that she’s still a bit salty over it.

10. You can’t help but notice that she stammers a lot around you.
Usually, if a girl who’s normally quick-witted is stammering around you, she likes you. I speak as someone who has a tendency of both stammering and verbal diarrhea when she’s around a guy she likes. This is usually a clear indication that she’s into you.

11. It’s become a running gag at school or work.
“Those two will get married some day. Just watch.” Sound familiar? If so, you’re dealing with a girl who has an immature way of showing a crush.

12. She’s pranked you before.
This is one of those moves that was torn right out of the book of middle school crush moves. Pranking doesn’t always necessarily mean that she likes you, but if it’s a prank that involves some kind of physical contact, or a prank that’s cute, it might be a good sign.

13. She seems frustrated with getting your attention.
Maybe that’s why she “hates” you?

14. She says she hates you, but her body language says otherwise.
She’s touching her hair. She’s biting her lip around you. Usually, these are signs that she’s trying to preen, or just thinking of you in a s3xual way. You may want to take a cue.

15. There’s serious s3xual tension in the air between you two.
If there’s smoke, there’s probably fire. Maybe, if you’re feeling that tension, you two should consider dating.


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