10 Ugandan Female Celebrities who became famous because of spreading their legs (with photos)

In as much as we are having hundreds if not thousands of Female Celebs in Uganda, all of them made their way to the public limelight because of various reasons. Some were good musicians with a soft voice that made them known to the public like the Gospel Singer Judith Babirye, some were good fashion stars like Sylvia Awori, and some were beautiful etc. However, others have it that the only key to there success is in their legs and they had to spread their legs to one or more men in order to be known. Nevertheless almost this whole list is still scattering the legs to keep on list of famous ladies in Uganda.

1. Sheebah Karungi
To those who know Sheebah Karungi need no explanation, but for the sake of our brothers who do not know, here is the story how: Sheebah’s success story involves a big number of males she slept with to make a name and promotion. These range from DJs, Radio presenters, promoters, event organizers, musicians, tycoons etc. I won’t bring the whole list here but you have seen various photos of her in threesome, when she is behaving gay etc. For the sake of musicians let me mention only two brothers who she gave her yoyo more than once- The Mayanja brothers Pallaso and Weasel, not forgetting Keko who was once her fellow lesbian.

2. Desire Luzinda
This one needs no explanation. You all know, but to mention a few is the rich Nasser Ntege Ssebagala (Seya) and the Nigerian guy whom she will live to remember. DJ Western from Western Uganda on Efurembe Radio also once chewed this booty girl.

3. Zari Hassan
Has it not been her ever-spreading legs, Zari would be no one now. With a big number of men, she gave her dry sompyo, Zari rose to be the top East African socialite. King Lawrence, Ssempala Farouk, Ivan Ssemwanga, Jose Chameleone the list is endless. She is now with the Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz. To see the whole list of men who have slept with Zari, check: Long List of men who have tested Zari’s Sompyo

4. Rema Namakula
I can say she is one of the wisest in using this natural gift located in the middle of her Garden. Before many knew her, Bebe Cool was already enjoying her as she became famous while at his Gagamel. With a collabo, promotion, and other support Bebe Cool gave her, her sompyo didn’t go unpaid after dumping Bebe Cool, which was a good decision by the way since Bebe Cool is married and was just chewing her, Rema went away with the then high flying Eddy Kenzo.

5. Leila Kayondo
Besides being married to promiscuous SK Mbuga who she supplied her legs and took him from her real sister, Leila Kayondo has been so often involved in Sompyo bets with various musicians, promoters and others who help circulate her music. Rich guys have also harvested a lot from this lady.

6. Fille Mutoni
Fille Mutoni
Had it not been her dating and supplying of beans to the father of 21 children Mr. MC Kats who was then at NTV, Fille would be a nice singing bird in the jungle with no one to listen to her. But well she used well her one talent to promote other talents.

7. Anita Fabiola
I lost respect I had for this girl after seeing the cheap guys she used to sleep with. I am not sure whether she was building audience and fan base or she was just whooper thirsty. But whatever the case, her legs did a lot in building her and ruining her.

8. Winnie Nwagi
Winnie Nwagi
This booticulous baby has not made simple supplies to men. Of recent one of her friends who knew her from the start exposed all her dirty past and how she has been sleeping with various musicians, promoters and all other people to get money and promotion.

9. Cindy Sanyu
Cindarella Sanyu is among the Ugandan Celebs who are suffering from an OLS disorder (Open Legs Syndrome). She has been spreading legs before fellow musicians for collabos, promoters for promotion, rich guys for money, radio and TV personalities for airplay. Mario, Ken Muyisa, Byaxxy and very many others including DJ Western, who is currently working on Radio Efurembe in Ibanda. Is the name becoming common in shafting musicians? Yes! DJ Western has shafted a huge of them including Desire Luzinda, Diana Nalubega and Phina Masanyalaze.

10. Bad Black
She got money out of her thompyo, you all remember how she conned her zungu lover billions of Ugandan shillings. Well thereafter all that followed with multiple numbers of indigenous and exotic whoopers. Meddie Ssentongo, Bebe Cool, Big Eye, Kim Swagga, Flavor of Nigeria and many others! Now all I am hearing is that she was dating her male video vixen.

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