10 Reasons Why Curvy Girls Are The Best In Bed.

Beauty has nothing to do with size, it has everything to do with confidence.
When it comes to good loving, curvy girls hold the most pleasurable secrets to making any man happy (this doesn’t mean slimmer girls don’t). What’s not to love in a full c’urvy figure with a$s and tits? Everything we guess.

Here are few reasons why we think curvy girls are the best in bed:
Not every curvy girl has large b00bs but the chances are 80% are favored with big b00bs and tits are everything and more. There is hardly any man that doesn’t fancy b00bs as this is usually the first step of foreplay before s3x.

Big butts in children are as a result of Omega 3 fatty acid they store and there is NO curvy girl without a big butt. Being with a curvy girl is your subconscious way of ensuring healthy kids.
After long pleasurable s3x, the soft womanly curves is the perfect place to rest your post-shagging head. There is really no difference between her butt and the pillow.

There is really nothing more appealing than a curvy full figured lady. Curvy girls have long been associated with beauty and se’x appeal and thousands of years of history can never be wrong. A curvy girl is easily appealing to the eyes at first sight which in turn creates an healthy appetite.

Having b00bs, a massive backside or something to grab hold of is not only what makes a curvy woman s3xy, it goes beyond that to knowing how best to rock it. Beauty has everything to do with confidence and confidence has everything to do with amazing s3x.


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