10 Reasons Why Celebrity relationships do not last

For those who have been following various celebrity relationships, a few of them last long to see their first anniversary. Most of them, breakdown with in the first few months and a few others last for more years. It is very rare to find a celebrity first relationship lasting forever! Most of you have been asking themselves why this!

Before we talk about celebrities mainly, first remember the general rate at which relationships are breaking up is increasing, be it causal relationships. However, for celebrities it is worse. I am very sure if someone starts a magazine talking strictly about celebrity divorce; it can work out because these days they are rampant. Here come the major reasons why those celebrity relationships do not last.

Reasons why Celebrity Relationships are collapsing

1. High Ego! Most celebrities are too proud, they think dating someone who is not a celeb as they are, they are giving them favor. Moreover this is against the basic rule of relationships, which is mutual respect! This is one of the major reasons, why celebrity relationships do not last.

2. Little time for their families. Most of the celebrities are always away from homes. Their careers demand them to travel more often or be at training more than they are at home. Giving an example of musicians and footballers, most of the times, they are on tours and rehearsals compared to the time they give to their families.

Big Eye and His EX Don Zella broke-up because the lady had little respect for the guy
Big Eye and His EX Don Zella broke-up because the lady had little respect for the guy

3. Their involvement with attractive co-stars. Unbelievably, being a celebrity is itself testing and tempting. Most of the time, they work with fellow stars who attractive and hardly let them go without involving in an affair. Actors/actresses and musicians have been prone to this kind of breakdown. The recent relationship breakup of Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage and her spouse was majorly a result of her association with co-stars.

Rema and Bebe Cool performing
Rema and Bebe Cool performing

4. Exclusive Media and Tabloid attention. These blogs, websites, magazines and tabloids have been key players in celebrity relationships’ collapse. They try to follow and update every activity, hike even things that would have gone unnoticed; report sometimes biased news against celebrities. This can undoubtedly lead to relationship failure. Thank God, the Zari & Diamond relationship is still surviving amidst the ugly media coverage they are giving it. Only God knows how many families, which are down because of Redpepper!

Jose Chameleone & model Doreen Kabareebe
Jose Chameleone & model Doreen Kabareebe

5. High demand for celebs. Some celebrities you see have high market. Many people are yearning for them and they are therefore prone to abandoning their current relationships for new ones even over very small details. Thus unrest in celebrity relationships.

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6. Some celebrities have a feeling that, they deserve more than one spouse. This is more common with men. A few celebrities can settle for one lover. Leila Kayondo’s relationship with SK Mbuga has been on and off simply because of side dishes on both sides.

7. Infatuation on camera. Many people fall for celebs on camera for the first time, they try all they can to meet those celebs and start a relationship. Amidst their relationship, they finally discover that celebs are not angels on earth but rather like other people and they have imperfections too. This leads to disappointments and finally collapse of the relationship.

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8. Dating for business. This is an important point. Some celebs date others targeting something. Some are looking for fame, others looking for money, others looking for recognition; others are looking for citizenship while others are seeking for funding. In the end, if one finally gets what he/she was targeting, the relationship is over. Duke Christopher Thomas former husband to Princess Ruth Komuntale said that, Komuntale was never married to him. She just wanted to use him to acquire the American Green Card.

Ruth Komuntale and Thomas Christopher on their wedding
Ruth Komuntale and Thomas Christopher on their wedding

9. With lots of money, they have no respect for their spouses. Just as our first point said, Respect is the chief key to success in relationships. These Celebrities having huge sums of money from their ventures, they tend not to respect their spouses. This more common with female celebrities. They cut down that kind of respect a woman should be giving her man. What follows next is nothing but a relationship going wrong.

10. Having Competition for business not marriage. Celebrities care more about their businesses than their marriages. Their business being in the fame they gain, they find no problem dumping that nigga they have been dating just to make a headline in news and sell more. They tend to make news do many publicity stunts in their relationships, which in the end weaken the bond and create loose relationships and the result is a break down.

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