10 Best Western Uganda Artists in 2016

Western Uganda music has become part of Ugandan music that is interesting and has got a huge fan base, under the theme Ankole Music Revolution various musicians in Mbarara and the neighboring districts have at least tried their level best to see that Western Uganda music does not only shine in the land of Milk and Honey but shines throughout the whole Banana Republic. Below are the top ten Musicians who have been booming in Western Uganda and whose music has not only featured in western Uganda media stations but the whole of Uganda.

10. Elvis & Shine. These two musicians are not just musicians, they also producers in Elgon Studios. They have a wide range of songs hitting the clubs of Mbarara which include Kahunzire, Kanyonyi and Noyaka all which are great jams in Mbarara.

9. Lillian Nabasa. This is a gospel artist who has made a name even the secular music fans. Just like Bugembe Wilson, her gospel songs do not only touch the savedees but even the sinners. Her song that touched the heart of everyone is her song Calendar (yawe noha ogyeine).

8. Medotex. He is an artist based in Ntungamo, but his songs hit even in Kampala clubs. He has amazing songs such as Omuntu nomuntu, Nyonyozi ft Ray G, Sente, Ekinyabwoya and many others. His Ekinyabwoya song was nominated in Song of the year category western Uganda and was among the favorites to win.

7. Jackie Kaziire. Jackie Kaziire is a comedian, MC, actress and musician. She has got a wide range of songs ranging from the popular Angelina, Mbwiine Omukundwa, Africa, John and many others. She is more popular in her comedy series with fellows in the TWAG game showing on TV West with other western stars like Kachaina, Rutaaba, and Speed. Her venturing into music proved her to be with a great talent which will soon lift her to the whole nation.

6. Shine Omukiga. She is a biological sister to the International Comedian Ugandas second largest export after coffee Mrs Ojok Ninja Anne Kansiime! Shine has made her breaktrough in the music Industry in 2014. She has various songs including Omugongo, Keitesi, Kikiga Juice with Kalifa Aganaga all which are on Keitesi Album which she lauched in 2015 Nov where Anne Kansiime was the chief host.

5. General Geeon. General Geeon is one of the best western artists and in fact some take him as their best. He has wonderful songs such as Hamira arinye, Ninkukunda, Nkwanzi, okukunda otarikukunda, Mbarara, and many others. He has in fact the best love melodies in Runyankore Though this year (2016) he has not been at his best but still remains a big household name in Uganda.

4. Lyto Brax. This is a new kid on the block popular for his creativity in videos and the African beat in his songs which makes the dancers touch the ceiling in clubs, he started with the song Otabesiga which did not receive a massive airplay but was followed by Aholo which was even nominated among the best songs of the Year in Western Uganda. He has a new wonderful song Nkaterera which will probably be among the best songs of 2016. Young as he is his music is promising.
Lyto Brax

3. Megatone. Megatone is a reggae dancehall singer based in Mbarara. He is popular for his numerous club hits which are played all over the country. He has his videos featuring in all music channels in Uganda including TV West, Bukedde and Face TV Uganda. His songs include Orahi ft Ray Gwhich won the song of the year award in Western Uganda, Pull it, Nshagara ft Lady Mariam Tindatine, Gunyuma with Mega Q and many others.

2. Penny Patra. This is the queen of Western Uganda music. After receiving her breakthrough in 2014 with the Nankogu song, she has been on top ever since. She has wonderful songs like Nantamegwa, Weakness, Amabeere (Okankunda amabeere gemereire gagwa wanyanga) and she has her music uploaded everywhere on the online Music channels.
Penny Patra

1. Ray G. Ray G has been on top of Western Uganda’s music ever since 2013 after the release of his song Amarari which was followed by Enshazi. Ever since he has been recording hit after hit and all becoming wonder hits not only in Mbarara but also in Kampala. He has made various collabos which include Nyonyozi with Medotex, Orahi with Megatone, Niwomwe with Dodie. He has a song titled Mureebe and the song is nominated in HIPIPO Awards. His songs are played in all Music Programmes in the whole country.

Nasa Tushabe

Writter at The Ugandan Blizz, Business Executive and Internet Marketing Personnel. twitter @nasatushabe