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10 Best Ugandan Comedians in 2016

Uganda has got a lot of talent. Choosing the best sometimes becomes a problem, but considering their achievements since 2016 began, here we bring you the list of 10 most popular comedians in Uganda, who have not only made the ribs of their fans break but also earned a lot of cash and great recognition with their humorous presentations.

10. Teacher Mpamire. Herbert ‘Mendo’ Ssegujja is a Ugandan comedian commonly known for his jokes as Teacher Mpamire and mimicking President Museveni. He was born in Mukono district 33 years ago, he is teacher of European History at Standard High School in Zzana. He is among the best …..Best what???

9. Kele Kele. George Mulindwa aka Kele Kele works on Galaxy FM, he popularly known Afande Kele Kele is that Ugandan comedian you need to watch. He was a member of Amalura Comedy group before it splinted and now he sometimes appears on the Comedy Files shows.

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8. King Kong. Popular with his feminine dances, dressing like a woman and then dancing with his elongated gologo hitting the skirts, King Kong is a popular Ugandan comedian who performs in Comedy Files also. He became popular after featuring in Eddy Kenzo’s video of Mariaroza, which got more than 5 Million Views of You Tube.

7. Chiko and Madrat. I like bringing them as pair. If you have been good at watching Comedy Files, you have seen these two great comedians. One short and the other tall as they break the ribs of the crowds (Naye embwa zino zizalawaaaa).

6. MC Kapale. He is one of the biggest names in Ugandan Comedy. He is well known for his Luganda Jokes, though sometimes his comedies are in English.

5. Amooti. Amooti Omubalanguza Mpa Amazzi! The CEO of the New Amalura Comedy Group. He does stage comedy, acting comedy and music comedy. Popular with his songs Owolubina, Olusidiku, Akomewo, Bya Love, Mpa Amazzi. He is that comedian you need to keep watching.

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4. Pablo. Pablo Kimuli is a Uganda Comedian popular with his English jokes. He is good at stage comedy with his word “Hapiness is killing”. He nicknamed himself a joy activist.

3. Idring Patrick Salvador. Named the 6th funniest African man, Idring Patrick Salvador is a Ugandan Comedian who mixes his English and Luganda jokes. The man from Ombokoro was among the finalists of the World’s funniest man, which happened in Helsinki Finland

2. MC Mariachi: If you are on Whatsapp and you spend a week without receiving a clip of Mariachi, then you have boring friends and you are in dead groups. He is funny but naughty, you can hardly watch his clips with your children, but he is currently the best Luganda Comedian.

1. Anne Kansiime. She is a Mukiga woman, so do not joke with her. Winning the best You Tube creator in Uganda and Best You Tube Comedy Channel in Africa (Google Awards 2016) Anne Kansiime/Ninja/Mrs Ojok is a Ugandan popular comedian; she had her show in March dubbed “I am Anne Kansiime” which sold to the maximum. She headlined the Afrikafest UK and won various awards across the continent.

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