​Unearthing Our Celebrities Fake Stunts

In the Ugandan music industry we have had a series of ‘bad’ events happening to our celebrities and little have we known that most of them have been publicity stunts. Let us go through selected events and see how.

Desire Luzinda 

We all know how viral her n#de pics went from nowhere and this is what was behind it all. She had spent a long spell without being on chats, she went to the studios and did Ekitone song. How was she going to sell the song? by releasing her n#de pics and it put her on the map again and after one week of the saga, she released her song Ekitone it became a hit.

Grace Nakimera 

You remember the alleged acid attack? oh yes, there we are. So it should be noted that Nakimera had a concert the same day with the then Goodlyf boys Radio and Weasel so she feared her show would flop and thus placed allegations that Goodlyf poured acid to her but she never cancelled the show!. And eventually it sold out because most of the revellers were sympathisers.

Iryn Namubiru 

We reckon back in 2013 around June where Iryn Namubiru was ‘involved’ in the drugs saga in Japan. This was a publicity stunt she was not caught neither involved in such a saga. The cause of all that was that she had a new song called Anyereketa she had to sell it. Again it’s the same year she was to hold a concert in September or October there, she had to pull sympathy and indeed her concert sold out and Anyereketa went viral.

Goodlyf-Bebe Cool Beef

This happened in the days when we were warming up to attend the Kyadondo Battle of champions between Goodlyf and Bebe Cool. There was a cyber war between both camps that involved fans too, that is the time when Radio came out publicly that whoever will win the battle will take Zuena Bebe Cool’s wife as a prize. Fans got in high spirits and by the time the battle date came, everyone was ripe enough to pay and witness the beef on stage. It sold out more than expected.

In the next episode we shall reveal to you more about this keep it Blizz.


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