​The Wait is Over, Beyonce Finally Gives Birth to Twins

After a declaration that she and her soul mate rapper Jay Z were expecting twins in a now record-breaking Instagram post back in February, it is alleged that American songstress Beyoncé has officially given birth to their second and third children.

The “Drunk in love” singer hasn’t yet shared the maiden good news to the world but according to credible sources have proved beyond no doubt that Beyonce and Jay z have welcomed a pair of new members in their family.

As singer Beyoncé Knowles Carter’s, delivery date was confirmed, she and her family were preparing for the most extravagant and luxurious birth of the world’s most important twins since their two siblings Cain and Abel.

It is alleged that the couple spent over $1 million into transforming a section of their recently acquired Los Angeles mansion into a maternity ward comprising of  medical equipment mention incubators and an entire professional neonatal wing.

We are waiting for the official confirmation from the celebrated couple regarding the initiation of new blood into their family.