​Singer Angella Kalule is a Bedroom Bully, S3x Tape Leaks

Ugandan music vocalist and song bird Angella Kalule is still causing a lot of debates by her fans, music critics and Ugandans at large after her s3x tape leaked and has circulated all over the country through the social media platforms.

Known with a reputation of a respected mother and musician at large who isn’t taken up by n#dity, Kalule is still wondering who the heartless Ugandan is that exposed her bedroom matters to the masses in a video skit which she had saved on her mobile phone that was lost a few days back.

Many musicians and celebrities in the music industry have come up to stand with the KATIKITIKI hit singer in these trying times of shame and the latest is singer Big Eye who has called on the social media bloggers to stop with the s3x tape circulation since the victim in crime is innocent after a heartless person decided to steal the singer’s mobile phone with such content.

However, many questions are still raising related to Angella’s s3x tape on wether it wasn’t her own intent of circulating the video to seek attention from music lovers and the country at large as it has always been mention singer Desire Luzinda’s s3x tape leaked by her Nigerian boyfriend and Bukedde Television news anchor Sanyu Robina Mweruka.

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