​Sheebah Karungi to Jet into Dubai for a Show

Team No Sleep Sheebah Karungi is another piece to set her Dubai fans ablaze this weekend as she is already aboard the the emirates airlines and as we write this, she is set to jet in Dubai at exactly 10:30pm and her first leg will step in terminal 3 where she will go straight to a meeet and greet party.

She flew with her manager Jeff Kiwa the Team No Sleep boss who will ensure all is well going and you have to remember that Sheebah was in Dubai in the last three months and as a must, her fans begged for more which is set to do now.

It should be known that this will be a VIP Red Carpet show that will take place from Vegas Dubai Club on the 8th this month that is Saturday.

This all is to happen on courtesy of Balokiss Empire and Rham Events who jointly worked it out to make sure Sheebah goes back to Dubai and quench the three months thirst her fans are with. And as a custom here at blizz, we wish Sheebah the best and we shall definitely keep you posted about this.