​President Yoweri Museveni Showers Praises to Sebaana Kizito 

As we look forward to laying the late Dr John Sebaana Kizito’s body to rest, we have seen his body move to different places be it churches, City Council and the Parliament and surely many people have stood by the family of the late and here the president of Uganda has also come in to be one of them.

Last night he managed to pay condole to the late’s family and respected a vigil that was in Kansanga at the late’s home.

Museveni came out today morning and wrote notes about the late and praised him  as a hardworking person, business mogul and a smart politician. Museveni went on and revealed that Sebaana and Museveni father the late Mzee Kaguta were tight friends who met when he was in the bush fighting for this country’s liberation.

He had this to say “Visited Late John Sebaana Kizito’s family in Kampala to condole with them and pay my last respects.Sebaana was a disciplined entrepreneur who advocated for non-frictional politics. He also pioneered education in Luweero in the 1950s.

I appreciate him because he was among the few entrepreneurs we have in Uganda. I hear he had a lot of properties and that he died minus bank loans. He was a real businessman.

He was a social person who loved everybody regardless of who they were. He was close to my father Amos Kaguta. Once, he came with his wife to Nakasero to see Mzee Kaguta. They bypassed me and when I asked, they said they had known each other while I was in the Bush. I commend him and Paul Kawanga Semogerere for their role in the DP, helping shape and change Uganda. Sebaana was a minister and served this country greatly. May his soul rest in peace.” Rest in Peace Dr John Sebaana Kizito.