​Peng Peng Crowns Sheila Gashumba & Ghetto Kids as the Only Celebrities in Uganda 

We needs to credit the Ugandan representatives at the recently cocluded Black Entertainment Awards in Los Angeles, United States Of America for flying the Ugandan flag high mention television presenter Sheila Gashumba and the talented dancing group, the ghetto kids.

Interestingly, their performance left many Ugandans by storm with a reason to smile for selling the country’s capabilities to the aliens and this has sparked off debates on wether we really have enough genuine talent as the perception stands in the populase.

Famous social media blogger Peng Peng, according to his perception believes that area code #256 has only two celebrities mention the ghetto kids and Sheila Gashumba as others are just pretenders.

Peng Peng has credited Sheila Carol Gashumba for being the first television presenter to make it to the Bet experience with her co-host Douglas Lwanga at The Nation Media Group’s media house, NTV organising purple parties instead of promoting his trade and the Sweden based ‘Kyeeyo’ immigrant believes its a milestone that couldn’t be dreamt by the so called female tv presenters/ celebrities mention Straka Mwezi, Flavia Tumusiime, Karitas, Mary Luswata who were just failure good at only local events like NKUUKA, MBUUTU, and KIGUNDA KUOMWAKA. Their  arrogance has made them under achievers and can’t do anything to turn it round since age isnt by their side.

Sheila Carol Gashumba is now Qualified Mega celebrity and this young girl should be respected”, he lamented.

Peng Peng has been  critical on singer and dancer Micheal Kakooza Ross for hoodwinking the country as a promising and future dancer yet he couldn’t even represent the country on the African continent, a thing that has been achieved by the young ghetto kids from no where to celebrated dancers worldwide that caught the world’s attention by storm putting aside singer Eddy Musuuza Kenzo’s Bet Award  experience back in 2015.

He thinks that the Ugandan music and arts industry has a lot to learn from the youthful presentation by Sheila and the Ghetto kids who he believes are the only mega celebrities in the country.