​Nalongo Sheila Don Zella Parades New Lover

City socialites and business woman also well known for being music Big Eye’s ex lover Nalongo Sheila Don Zella has yet paraded a new man that is expected to be her new lover according to how she shows him off. 

Don Zella has been trying to gain back the public attention after all being taken away from her by her ex Big Eye who whooked up a new woman that he even proposed to so ever since then Sheila has in the dark but now it looks like she is ready to standout again.

Don Zella for some good days now has been posting this new guy allover her Instagram social media page calling her both “a friend in the making” and her “new man” hence driving us to the conclusion that the two must have sparked off something really powerful to drive her all the way to flaunt him.

Sean Musa Carter

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