​Muslim Woman falls Victim of Racial Discrimination for Wearing a Hijab.

A young Black Muslim woman has allegedly been the victim of discrimination by a Washington credit union. Jamela Mohamed recorded the incident and posted the video to her Facebook page, which has since received nearly 800,000 views.

On May 5, Mohamed walked into Sound Credit Union in Kent in order to pay a car note. When she first entered the branch, she was wearing a hood in observance of Jummah, a congregational prayer that Muslims hold every Friday around noon.

As per the credit union’s dress policy, a teller instructed her to remove her hood. The credit union does not allow hats, hoods or sunglasses inside the branch for security reasons. In compliance with the rules, Mohamed went to her car to get a hijab, and when she returned inside the branch, she videotaped two men wearing baseball caps, although its unknown if they were asked to remove their hats.

Mohamed was then confronted by the branch supervisor, who threatened to call the police if Mohamed did not remove her head covering. 

After the incident inside the credit union, Mohamed continued to record herself crying inside her car. As she broke down, she noticed the supervisor — who said her name is Suzanne — followed her out into the parking lot. 

Mohamed then posted the incident to Facebook and people rallied behind her for staying strong in the face of discrimination. 

Sound Credit Union said they are reviewing the video and have offered a prepared statement regarding their general procedure and practices when it comes to allegations of discrimination.
As a credit union, we believe in equal treatment for all. We are revisiting our procedures and training to do everything we possibly can to prevent a situation like this from happening again,”Our training will continue to emphasize empathy and sensitivity to all cultures. Our management team is actively investigating the incident to gather all the facts and circumstances. Until a full investigation is complete, we cannot comment further about the individuals involved”. 

We are yet  to acertain more of the updates as they prevail from the Credit Union.