​Meet Ushercax, the Amazing Talent In the Diaspora

As we promised and we still live our promise, we always bring to you the freshest talents and great music from them but this time round, it is not the way you expect it.

Blizz Uganda is presenting to you this more talented dude who has done music from abroad and it is to hit here like he has been here for long. Ladies and gentlemen.


Blizz had to fly to the Netherlands and had a chat with this handsome dude and here is Usher for you;


Blizz: Hello can blizz know this person seated in its front?

Ushercax: Well, am so humbled, how was the flight? anyway am called Magezi Nathanael Solomon and my stage name is Usher.

Blizz: The flight was disturbing too long.. So can we know more about you?

Ushercax: I am an artiste who does dancehall, RnB and even i can do pop electronic if my producer decides that.

Blizz: You went to school? and are you married? when were yo born?

Ushercax: Oh yeah i went to Nakasero p/s to Merryland high school and later to Namirembe hillside. I am still single and was born way back on the 14th of December 1989.

Blizz: Eh, okay so let us go straight, what are the songs that you have made so far since you are an artiste, who is your producer and when did you start singing?

Ushercax: Well, i currently have two time given songs called Energetic and Gwensonga they are RnB and dancehall. Then my producers are Jonty,  Eyezo Pro of Murfle records and the legendary Kartex of Lester records but as i said, these songs are given time, they all have a sound engineer who mastered them and he is called Balaram Chills.

Blizz: Wow, that is so great so are all your songs available for downloads?

Ushercax: Yeah even in Kampala the songs are doing well on radios and i am sure at Ugblizz.com you have them although am working on videos that will drop soonest.

Blizz: As we wind up to catch our coffee, who inspires you musically in Uganda and what are you looking forward to be musically in 5 years to come?

Ushercax: I am inspired by Maurice Kirya musically he has done songs for the soul which i like most then in 5 years to come huh, (laughs) anyway, i look forward to be one of the biggest talked about personalities that inspire musically and that do good music in Africa. And i want to do collabos with the World’s biggest stars.

Blizz: okay, now send a word or two to your fans out there we sign out.

Ushercax: All my people those who know me and those that dont but will know me, i salute you all, thank you for loving local music, i am here for you and i promise you will like my projects because the music i do is for you. Thank you Blizz Entertainment you rock guys and whoever wants my music, in Uganda look out for ugblizz.com or directly see this man 0705949343. love you all.

Blizz: Alright, pass that coffee cup.