​Is city socialite Sheila Don Zella growing younger?

Sheila Don Zella is looking more younger and beautiful every now and then that has sparked off rumors that the Ugandan city socialite is causing stampede as men are rich men are seriously running after her to  taste exactly what she is made of and have her as their own.

Sheila Don Zella aka Alia Nandege has had a stressful life ever since her separation fro the ‘Bantunte’ hit maker Professor Big Eye aka Ibrahim Mayanja causing a trade of words between the two on whether Big Eye was the biological father to her baby boy Briton who somehow resembles the ‘Star boss‘ Big Eye.

The socialite seems to have moved on to enjoy and live her life of organizing and managing events worldwide and might not bothered anymore about love and relationships and looks good to go for a hook up.

We hope that some time to come she will be parading a new soul mate to drive her love life to the fullest since she needs parenting of her kids to bring them up into responsible citizens.